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    Hi Gil,

    ich habe dasselbe Problem gehabt und mir die Funktion umgebaut. Hier ist der Code

    on mouseUp pMouseButton
       put the arraydata of widget "Tree" into tArray
       put displayArrayData(tArray, " ") into tTexttree
       replace "=>  " with empty in tTexttree
       replace "=> Array" with empty in tTexttree
       put tTexttree into field "TextTree"
    end mouseUp
    function displayArrayData pArray, pIndent
       # create the variable that loops through the keys in the array
       local tKey
       if pArray is an array then
          # print information to indicate that we are entering a new nested level of the array
          get "Array" & return
          # print full stops that allow the reader to track the depth of an element
          put " " after pIndent
          # create the indentation
          put tab after pIndent
          repeat for each key tKey in pArray
             # call displayArrayData with a nested array
             put format("%s %s  => %s\n", pIndent, tKey, displayArrayData (pArray[tKey], pIndent)) after it
          end repeat
          delete the last char of it
          return it
          return pArray
       end if
    end displayArrayData