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    Hallo Hans,

    hier noch ein sehr guter Artikel über die Gracemount High School, die LiveCode mit großem Erfolg für Informatik einsetzt:

    Gracemount High School

    The drag and drop nature of LiveCode means you can create graphical interfaces easily. Martin says, “With Comal it was all text based and really boring. With LiveCode its really easy to find errors because it highlights it, whereas before with Comal we had to loop through the code ourselves and find the error. It took ages!”

    LiveCode allows students to write just a few lines of code and begin to see results immediately, as well as test their work continuously and see progress or errors for simple edits. Every software or app development project is live, always running, and showing progress and results right away. This instant gratification approach to programming is one of the reasons students are so engaged using LiveCode. Educators can teach simple, memorable syntax and students can begin using and expressing their ideas right away.

    He goes on to explain that having the program that they created that day in the Computing Class running on their own device to show off to friends and family is fantastic for students. “If I had to sum LiveCode in up in a few words it would be ideal for education, intuitive, and certainly my stress levels have gone down since using it. Students are spotting and identifying their own mistakes… its perfect.”