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    Es kommt noch besser:

    Das WWW ist der direkte Nachfolger eines Hypercard-Netzwerks!


    In 1990 Cailliau and Tim Berners-Lee proposed a hypertext system to allow easy access to CERN documentation. Cailliau was the first to convert to the web technology after Mike Sendall who originally let Berners-Lee start the project.

    With Berners-Lee’s knowledge of the internet, this eventually led to the World Wide Web (a name they came up with during this period). Prior to this Cailliau had been using Hypercard and all of the buildings at CERN were connected with Appletalk; it was his desire to see interdepartmental documentation that could be navigated around with hypertext that led to his innovative work.

    In reality this was a massive extension of the systems that Cailliau had introduced to CERN in 1973 and 1974. which had allowed the easy transfer of documents, code and files.

    In 1992 Cailliau produced the first web browser for the Apple Macintosh, his favorite platform.

    Tja, da steht es: Am Anfang stand HyperCard, der Urahn von Livecode 🙂

    more to come…